Today I slaughter a fat pig ( role play ) 1
Today I slaughter a fat pig ( role play ) 2

This thick and tight boar is long overdue so far I could not separate from him. But now he is getting wilder and wilder and also more and more impulsive... I don't feel like it. I will catch him, feed him one last time and of course let him sniff my green rubber boots one last time. He always loved those... He doesn't know yet what is in store for him today.... Of course I have to look again what is going on in his intestine and whether he is suitable for the sausage. I play with his willy and he gets all nervous.

Well, the end is coming, I sharpen my knives and his last hour has struck. This pig will be slaughtered today without bolts or electric tongs... I xxx him out on the barn floor in the classic manner.

I pull him up on the chain hoist, put on my apron and start to debristle him and of course cut off the best pieces......

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January 02, 2021 15:41 GummPi ★★★★★ Wieder ein geiles Video. Hätte es schön gefunden, wenn du den hängenden Eber noch ordentlich abgesamt hättest. Da war er leider nicht für drauf. Trotzdem ein gelungener Film. Danke
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