This is what happens to the groom when he disobeys 1
This is what happens to the groom when he disobeys 2

A new groom introduces himself. I'll have him muck out and clean the horse boxes. When he is finished, he calls me to check. But what do I see in the corner? A pile of shit he hasn't removed. Immediately I push him with his face into the manure. He apologizes for his misconduct but I don't care. I let him clean my leather riding boots with his tongue, but that is not enough punishment. He gets juicy slaps in the face, I spit in his face and then there are blows with the jumping whip for every horse that is left behind. At the end he collects the remains very conscientiously with his hands. Never again this will happen to him .

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May 04, 2020 20:37 robbi ★★★★☆ Ich würde 20 Hiebe freiwillig nehmen.
May 07, 2021 10:51 Hängebauchschwein ★★★★★ Welche artgerechte Haltung. Jede Göttin sollte sich auf diese Weise sklaven halten und gefügig machen;-)
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