The dirty pig is slaughtered ( role play ) 1
The dirty pig is slaughtered ( role play ) 2

This pig is always particularly dirty and lazy. It prefers to lie in the corner of the barn and xxx... Today is the end because I have no desire to wash my pig constantly and to soak my good apron... One last time today I get the hose and the brush to wash my piggy... It lays as always lazy in the corner ... I take it by the rope and lead it into the middle of the box. Then the garden hose is used and the pig is rinsed and scrubbed. A clean pig can then be slaughtered. I prepare the shooting apparatus and everything takes its course. The pig may still sniff a last time at the rubber apron... then it hangs also soon at the hook...

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July 18, 2021 05:22 little dick cool
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