Double Penalty For Masolina 1
Double Penalty For Masolina 2

It is a beautiful, warm summer evening. Perfect to chastise the slave Masolina outside a little and punish... Firmly fixed at hands and feet she lies on wooden pallets. Slave number 5, as I call him kneels next to it and may hardly move ... First we work our little masoslave with the whips, there are blows on the tits and the pussy. Her mouth I keep closed because she is very loud ... Also the flogger and some candle wax is used. Very mean I spread her labia with my fingers and Kristin lets it drip on the bare cunt. What a pleasure... Also number 5 may receive a little pain and punishment ... A successful , horny session as I love it...

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September 14, 2021 13:04 unknown ★★★★★ Double lesbian domination and hand over mouth - so hot!
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