Ass stuffed and pissed in the horse stable 1
Ass stuffed and pissed in the horse stable 2

With this object in pantyhose I had a lot of fun in the stable ... First, the plug is sunk in the ass as it should be... With my rubber riding boots I kick him hard so he does not slip out while kneeling the slave xxx on all fours. What fun for me. Next I tie off the eggs with the pantyhose to play with them. The object jerks around quite nicely and again it gets to feel my riding boots. But it would not be a successful session if I would not piss my slave piece properly full. Nice over the face and in the mouth I let the champagne run... At the end I let my vollgepisstes object still something punishment wank on his knees while I smoke with relish a cigarette ...

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May 07, 2021 10:49 Hängebauchschwein ★★★★★ Welch große Ehre für einen sklaven, die göttliche Miss Nica Nordic schön sauber lecken zu dürfen. Auf knien fleht das hängebauchschwein darum, einmal so dienen zu dürfen. ..
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